Monday, September 21, 2009

Eating Out or Eating In?

I have to admit that when I worked full time at Spectrum a few years ago, I caught myself stopping on the way home to pick up dinner. Most of the time it was smoked turkey or sausage for David. I told myself it was okay and I could always add something to it when I got home. The truth of the matter is it wasn’t okay. We deserved a good home cooked meal. The meal I could have prepared at home would have been a much healthier choice. I always tried to plan on the weekend, but sometimes there would come a day when I was tired to the bone and nothing ready to eat. I took that exit to swing by the takeout line on the way to Boerne. So when I saw the article online this morning “ How Your Job Makes You (and Your Family) Fat”, I immediately thought of takeout. A recent study from Cornell University reported that the more hours parents work, the less time is spent on preparing nutritious foods and sticking to a regular mealtime. That’s not surprising at all, but what’s getting cut because of busy schedules is the one thing that can help keep us all healthier. Everyone suffers and that includes the kids. I don’t think an occasional trip to your favorite "takeout" is going to be detrimental to one’s health, but I do hear more and more that living on takeout has become the new norm. Not a good idea.
Source: online newsletter