Sunday, October 18, 2009

Losing Ideas

In the past few years I've found several TV reality shows that I enjoy. There's limited drama, nobody gets killed and they are pretty safe to watch before going to bed. I like Project Runway, Sheer Genius, my favorite Top Chef, and Biggest Loser. It's been a little different this season with less of the cut-throat attitude among the contestants. On almost all episodes, even in the face of competition, there is a better spirit of camaraderie.

So as I watched the most reason episode of Biggest Loser, I came away with three truths. There were not new exercises or weight loss tips. It's interesting that the following three have nothing to do with fitness, and yet they have everything to do with fitness.

#1. If you really want to succeed at your goal, help someone else succeed with theirs.

#2. Sometimes it's necessary to put your own needs aside for the good of the team.

#3. Revenge is not always so sweet! Hum.