Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Rear View

"The shoe tree" has it that the toning shoes are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Actually, some believe that if you wear the toning shoes, the sliced bread will disappear a little faster. My husband had a pair of Sketchers last winter (a Christmas present). He has some Achilles tendonitis problems and thought the shoe might be the answer. His podiatrist thought differently! She suggested something else. I am sure the shoe has it’s place and, lets face it, they are selling to the point that I hear another one is about to hit the market.

ACE (American Council on Exercise) is one of my sources that always provide up to date information for fitness instructors. Last month they released an article on toning shoes that wasn’t quite as positive. The shoe is a fine shoe, but will wearing the shoe result in a tighter derrière and a better rear view? Are the hamstrings challenged 11% more just by wearing the shoe? Is there really a greater caloric expenditure even standing while wearing the shoe? ACE didn’t report positive answers to the above questions.
If you are interested in the details of the report they released, let me know. Otherwise, enjoy the shoes if they are comfortable and you like them. But it you are looking for a "better body without putting in any extra effort”, I’m not sure that’s where you'll find it. Keep your gym membership. Do some squats! That may not be a quick fix, but it is a fix!