Friday, September 17, 2010

And the Answer Is

I have been totally surprised by the response to my survey question, “What motivates you to exercise?” I had responses from family members, clients, and class members; present and past. I loved hearing from all of you. I thought I would get a lot of “I want to lose a few pounds”, but not so much. I am excited to share the responses with all of you. Here it is in an abbreviated form.

Health: 11
"My doctor is the one who scared me into exercise for my health and not my shape."
Feeling and looking good: 7
My weight, to lose or maintain: 5
A workout partner to provide a sense of commitment and provide the spirit of friendly competition to push me to do more: 1
A convenient time and place: 1
The sense of accomplishment that follows a workout: 3
A trainer that challenges me to do more than I think I can and brings the motivation to the table along with the workout: 2
Stress relief -I do it for my mind as well as the body: 3
Eating: 1
Improving my balance: 1
My wife made me come: 1
I am becoming chronically enhanced: 1
So I won’t hurt so much: 1
Fellowship with others: 1
To keep in shape and stay well and fit: 2
To be able to do other things like kayak, take long bike trips, and play tennis: 3
I need the energy: 1
I don’t want to get soft and flabby: 1
Just like a car needs a tune up, I need to exercise: 1
Joints and muscles receive nourishment if they move: 1
To stay flexible: 1
To improve my strength:1
For stamina: 1
The encouragement of the instructor helps greatly: 2
Free shoes:1
To be able to see my feet, so my tummy doesn’t obstruct my view: 1
My job requires that I be in shape: 1
To enjoy my favorite warm chocolate cake without guilt: 1
Exercise makes me feel good. I enjoy it: 1
I want to be like my Mama:1

“Health and wellness is my overall motivation to exercise although this year the focus has been to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding this month. To this end I have completed two indoor triathlons and in the process of training and completing them I have managed to lose the target weight. I want to age gracefully and continue to develop components of exercise to include strength, endurance and flexibility. I continue to exercise. However, it has become more difficult to include all the disciplines required to balance the exercise program.”

“24 years ago it was my first time to exercise and it was strictly for mental health since I was clinically depressed. I continued exercise in one form or another to keep mentally well. Of course, you met me when that was my greatest concern and to keep those pounds at bay.”

“I know all women want to look their best, I am looking forward to being 100 years old and in the best shape possible. I want to live long and look my best. My motivation is life. Being able to run along side my grandchildren.”

And last but certainly not least, is this from my soon to be 92 year old client. "To stay healthy and for longevity". All I can add to that is that it seems to be working.

Thanks to all of you for your time to respond. I can promise you that your answers will inspire others on their journey.