Monday, January 31, 2011

End of the month

Here is just a quick reminder as we come to the end of January. Some of you have renewed your efforts to a committment to good health. I know it is hard. As I think of you, I have an appreciation for what you are doing. The best plans and actions Monday through Friday can be all for nothing if as the weekend approaches a food fest begins. While eating out is not part of my life, for some of you it is and that is not going to change. You have a social life and other obligations that are often placing you in the presence of food that you have not prepared. Last week as one of my clients told me about her weekend plans, I was thinking about what I could say to encourage good choices when she said I have to learn how to do this. She's right. Otherwise, it's likely that there will ever be any lasting progress. There is a better way than lose 2, gain 2.