Monday, February 21, 2011

Be Healthy

One of my clients today shared a story with me that might help us consider the part we play in our own health care. She said the doctor she works for walked into the room to do a heart procedure. He was in scrubs, mask on and ready to go with the patient, a man in this case, on the table. The patient was not committed to his own health. Maybe he was overweight, never exercised. Maybe he ate all of the wrong foods and too much of them or maybe he smoked. Maybe he did all of the above. The doctor looked down at him and said "Let's talk about this. Do you want me to do an okay job today with your procedure or maybe a nice job? Do you want me to do enough to get you by or do you want me to do a good job? Or do you want me to do the very best I can do?" He definitely had his patient's attention. The man responded,"I want you to do the very best you can do". The doctor replied "Why should I do my very best when you aren't doing all you can to stay as healthy as possible?"

I am reminded of the quote that I have scribbled on my desk pad. You have heard it before. "How can you argue for more when you don't use responsibly what you have?" Have a good week. Be healthy.