Thursday, December 29, 2011

#17. Eat the veggies.

Researchers at Colorado State University worked with 100 participants providing one of two diets to all. One group ate produce from five distinct plant families. The other group ate fruits and vegetables from 18 families. This two week study allowed all participants to eat identical amounts of produce. At the end of two weeks, blood samples revealed that eating from 18 varieties reduced oxidation in the body which is a marker for disease prevention.

My comment: In a weeks time, do you eat from the five diet plan or the 18 diet plan?

#16. Bacteria

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that probiotics supplement helped adults with obese tendencies lose weight. They worked with a group of 87 overweight people and all 87 received milk with or without probiotics added. After 12 weeks, the group with probiotics had a 4.6% reduction in belly fat and a 1.4% loss in weight compare to the group without the probiotics which had no change.

My comment: Of course yogurt is a great source.