Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life Lessons

Linda Christy Weiler shares 10 life lessons to help her students get more out of their Yoga practice with DSW Fitness. I can apply these to my own workouts of cardio, strength training and Pilates. Maybe you will find something helpful as well.

Life lesson #1. Create a good foundation.

Life lesson #2 Find a support system.

Life lesson #3. Get your priorities right. For instance, in Yoga foot and hand placement makes each pose safer and more beneficial.

Life lesson #4. Be in the moment. Be aware of the change you want to take place as you are living life. Sometimes people give up too quickly. Struggle! (My favorite!)

Life lesson #6. Learn tolerance and acceptance. As we learn to tolerate and accept what we don't like we learn about the value through the discomfort.

Life lesson #7. Restore calmness. We have a full range of healthy emotions including anger. Remember though at some point to restore calmness.

Life lesson #8. Experience and accept change as a constant. Every ending leads to a new beginning.

Life lesson #9. Let go! Detachment enriches an experience.

Life lesson #10. Live your message. What's your message?

Resourse: DSW Fitness