Friday, April 6, 2012


I have just returned home from teaching a step class at Cordillera Ranch. After all these years, step is still my personal favorite cardio workout. Gin Miller developed the step years ago in the mid-1980s. It is still the foundation of group workouts in many clubs today.

When Gin suffered her own overuse injury from years of high impact exercise, she consulted an orthopedic doctor who sent her to a physical therapist. The therapist recommended that she step up and down on a milk crate to strengthen the muscles of her knee. Gin did not stop to get a milk crate on her way home. Her porch step was all she needed.
When boredom set in, she went inside, put her aerobic music on the stereo (remember we are in the 80s here before the iPod), opened the windows, and began her porch step therapy. The rest is history. While it took some time to get it up and running, "step" was born. Nothing else has made such an impact on group fitness.

I hear quite often in regards to step "I remember doing step classes, but I haven't done step in years". Let me share a little secret. It all comes back really fast. I have seen it happen many times. If you are one of the many who loved step once, try it again. You might rekindle an old flame!

Resource: gin blog