Monday, September 10, 2012


Balance, being an unconscious process, is something we all take for granted until there is a serious reason not to. Falling is a serious incident for all adults and especially for older adults. I quite often walk into work aware that someone I know has experienced a serious fall. Just so that you know, the fear of falling is identified as a leading risk factor for falling.

Exercise is not the answer for all concerns of falling. However, it does address some  major concerns. Exercises to improve posture is a big step in the right direction. Improving muscle strength and flexibility are key. Drills to improve motor skills, co-ordination, and agility help with confidence.
With my older adults, I work on all of the above in the safe environment of the pool.
DSWFitness recommends 5 skills for better balance. Remember that exercise supports the skill.

1. Walk and turn the head at the same time.
2. Extend the hip and the back.
3. Reach down and pick something up.
4. Reach up.
5. Stand on one foot.  (Harder than you might think).

The day comes for most when we attempt to reach down and pick something up and it's a challenge.  Exercise makes a difference. It might be to prepare for what's to come or deal with the present. It just depends on where you are.  Work for it!