Monday, April 22, 2013

High Intensity Interval Training

The HIIT workout continues to gain popularity.  Studies have shown that it not only improves performance, but also is a great workout for less time.  Jessica Matthews, an exercise physiologist for American Council on Exercise, carried the HIIT workout concept of training to the Elliptical.  Once or twice a week she uses this as her workout.  I know that some of you like the Elliptical for cardio workouts.  This is a great one to try.  Before beginning it, there are a few variable to establish.

#1.  Jogging pace.  (Low to moderate intensity)
#2.  Running pace. (Moderate to high intensity)
#3.  Sprint pace.  (High intensity)
#4.  Cross ramp for the entire workout.  (For me it is a 6)
#5.  Resistance for the entire workout.  (For me it is a 6)

Your fitness level and your experience on the Elliptical will determine your settings.  Keep in mind the only variable that changes is strides per minute.  Here's the workout:

Minutes 1-7: Warm-up
Minutes 8-30: {30 sec. of jogging/20 sec. of running/10 sec. of sprinting} Repeat this 26 times and cool-down.

As  an example, your jogging pace might be 100 strides per minute, running pace might be 110 strides per minute and sprint pace might be 115 strides per minute.  Thirty minutes is it and if you do it right, that's all you need.