Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lab Test

Most of us make our annual or semi-annual visit to the doctor for a check up which includes blood draws for current blood panels.  The sample is sent off and the doctor either reviews it with us personally or calls with results.  If instead of tossing the print-out on the desk at home "to be filed", you would really like to understand more about  the lab results, check out the web site, Lab Tests Online to put a little meaning to the numbers.  It is  a non-commercial, user friendly center that helps us understand a lab report and even offers helpful information that enables us to work towards a better result next time.  The site says that "patients that use an online personal interactive health record are almost twice as likely to be up to date with recommended preventive health services".  Education is the first step to making a change.

Resource: ACSM's Certified News October 2013 Online tips and Tools for Exercise professionals by