Thursday, February 20, 2014

The New Normal

We were all pretty much born normal. And then things happen.  Sometimes they are beyond our control  For instance, my husband David had polio when he was 6 and his normal was changed. Among other things, one leg is shorter than the other.  With the help of X-rays to determine the discrepancy in his leg length, he was fitted with a lift for one shoe.  Think about what happens to someone with different leg lengths when walking.  Picture the effects to the ankles, knees, and hips not to mention the back.  His normal changed with Polio.

There are times when we create a new normal for ourselves and not always in a good way. We do it by sitting incorrectly, standing with our weight unevenly distributed, lifting weights incorrectly, and carrying too much weight as in fat. Refusing to take time to let an injury heal can most definitely create a new normal.  Some of my participants tell me that when pressed for a solution to a problem, a doctor might tell them they are getting older. We are all getting older, but there is still a reason for not feeling well. Every time we just accept what our issues are without trying to dig for a solution, we find ourselves moving toward a new normal and not in a good way!  Remember that some things, like polio, happen.  Some things we bring on ourselves.