Saturday, July 26, 2014


Maybe you saw the picture of my parents on my Facebook page.  Do you remember that I wrote at one point that my Dad is blind?  He goes to the Wellness Center and with the help of my Mother walks on the treadmill and uses the machines.  If he wanted he could use lack of eyesight as an excuse for not exercising. I hear he has days when he tries to get out of it, but he goes.  He is not the exercise saint. It is interesting to look at a couple of definitions for the word excuse. The one I favor today grant exception or release.  If you have a young child or care for an ailing parent and you are called for jury duty, you might be released. Not a lot of other excuses work.  I know.  I even offered my husband for jury duty saying that he was retired and had plenty of time. No exemption for me! I hear a variety of excuses for not exercising, but what I hear mostly is guilt about not exercising.  If you are having your foot amputated today (or something equally serious), you can give yourself an exemption. Otherwise, be thankful for a strong body and a good mind and use both to your advantage. At best it is better than guilt, but if guilt is your motivation, go with it!