Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sits Bones

 "Don't Just Sit There!" not only allows you to read about the perils of too much sitting, but it demonstrates what goes on inside the body while sitting too much with poor posture. It can lead to a bad back, a sore neck, and even poor circulation. Bonnie Berkowitz and Patterson Clark do an excellent job of putting it all together on one single page.   Check out
www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/.../health/sitting/Sitting.pdf. Enlarge if you want. With that in mind, look at the under side of the hip and thigh so you can see the position of the ischium tuberosity, two little bone also known as the sits bone.  As you can see our little lady is not sitting on her sits bones  She is kind of rolled back on her tailbone or coccyx.  The ischium
serve as a point of balance for sitting with the weight of the body balanced.  When we roll back, the tailbone is put in the position of  carrying the weight of the upper body.  While few of us have perfect posture all the time, this is defiantly something to take seriously.