Sunday, February 15, 2015


Our church made these bags available to us a couple of weeks ago at the close of the service. They are nice reusable bags with drawstrings so they can be used as a backpack. Inside are snacks and a drink as well as a Ziploc bag with shampoo, soap and a bath cloth for a shower. The church wants us to offer them to the homeless that we find on street corners. If you live in my area, you probably see what I see on a daily basis. Last Wednesday as I approached the street corner, I reached for my bag and offered it with the label facing forward. I was met with, "No, I don't want that." I was a little surprised. Actually, I was a lot surprised. One of the life lessons that I have to learn over and over again is that not everyone wants what I have to offer.  For instance, when I am in the gym and I see someone doing something incorrectly, I want to help. This is not a good idea.  No one who did not ask for my help in the first place has ever said, "Wow! Thanks so much."  Last Sunday at HEB a man shopping alone asked me about the difference between the various "milk" products. Even though he asked me, it wasn't long before he regretted his decision.  I started in on my spiel about soy milk, low fat milk, fat free milk, almond milk, etc.  I was about to show him the calorie counts on the labels when I noticed the deer in the headlights look.  Poor guy! He wanted to run. So if I see you in the gym and you are doing your squats with your knees out beyond your toes, I am walking right on by....unless, of course, I like you. Then I might break my silence.