Monday, April 27, 2015

Swan Dive

Swan dive is an exercise that I teach quite often in Pilates class and even with my personal training clients. It is also favored in physical therapy. It is great for stretching out the front of the body as well as strengthening the muscles in the back and gluts. Imagine how good this will feel after a day of sitting.  This exercise kind of bends you back in the other direction from sitting.  Swan dive isn't something you have to struggle with either or talk yourself into doing.  It might be a welcome addition at the end of a workout as you stretch.  There are a few key points to remember. 
  • Find someone to help you with it if it is new for you.  Your fitness instructor can help.
  • Pull the abdominals away from the mat before any movement. Don't tell me you can't do that. You can. 
  • Don't drop your head back as you lift and give yourself whiplash.
  • Crunching at the lower back isn't a good idea. Swan dive should feel good and be enjoyable. Remember it for your workout today!