Monday, August 3, 2015

My Reading List

I am in the process of updating my reading list and thought I would share a few of my finds with you.
In "Fat Chance", Robert H. Lustig, M.D.,  takes on the evils of sugar as well as the role of fat in our lives.  For example, he brings to light the popular "Western Bacon and Six Dollar Burger" that costs the consumer 1030 calories and 55 grams of fat.  (Try walking that off on the treadmill!)  While a lot of authors call sugar the enemy, he also has something to say about the addiction of fast food with calories from sugar, salt, and fat.  Throw in some caffeine and there is a meal of some sorts. At the beginning of "Fats that Heal Fats that Kill", Udo Eramus acknowledges that part one could be considered textbook quality and it is.  The rest was a little more reader friendly, but I still had to focus to find the message.  It was worth my time. I really loved THE CALL:THE LIFE AND MESSAGE OF THE APOSTLE PAUL by Adam Hamilton. I give it 5 stars. I found it to be a mixture of facts and inspiration. Almost as good by the same author is WHEN CHRISTIANS GET IT WRONG. I have posted several times about LOSE WEIGHT HERE: THE METABOLIC SECRET TO TARGET STUBBORN FAT AND FIX YOUR PROBLEM AREAS by DR. JAED TETA, N.D. & DR. KEONI TETA, N.D.  This is not just another diet book and while a lot of it does seem more like a textbook, they have some good advice.  He says more than once that a diet and exercise program have to be fine tuned by the participant to be successful long term.  What works for me is just that and everyone has to find their own way. DECISION POINTS by GEORGE W. BUSH  was quite an undertaking.  I thought more than once about letting it go, but in the end I came away with more appreciation and some understanding of former President Bush. It wasn't what I expected.  I loved STILL ALICE by LISA GENOVA. It was a quick read that encouraged me to stay with the elliptical just to read a little more.  Like the movie it's focus is Alzheimers; the effects on patients and care givers alike.  LEFT neglected by the same author is more of the same down to earth reading that left me wanting to read more.  While both are novels, the facts around the illnesses are real.  Those of you that know me will be surprised to find me reading fiction.   Both were worth the reading time.
Choosing a book is a personal decision.  I rarely say "you should read this book", but  if you are looking for a good read you might browse though one of these. I  hope your find joy in the day!