Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Healthy Food Substitions

There are some ways to put meals on the table and enjoy treats while cutting serious calories.  I'm sharing a few that I have found helpful and you might like to make life easier and food healthier.

Unsweetened applesauce.  It is a good choice instead of sugar in many recipes.  Use a 1:1 ration of unsweetened applesauce for sugar and reduce your liquid by 1/4 cup.

Unsweetened applesauce:  It also comes to the rescue when trying to reduce the amount of fat in sweet breads and muffins.  Reduce the oil by 1/2 adding an equivalent amount of applesauce.
If you bake keeping unsweetened applesauce on hand, it is a must. I read it works well when cooking from a mix.

Avocado puree:  You might need to experiment with this, but start with 1:1 ratio of puree for butter.

Banana:  Try substituting a 1:1 ratio of mashed bananas for butter.  I freeze banana slices quite often slicing them into Ziploc bags before spoiling.  This would be a great time to use them.

Spaghetti Squash:  I love this and have it quite often.  Layer on your choice of vegetables and a healthy sauce.  It is a little trouble, but worth the time.

Lettuce leaves:  Whenever you might "wrap", think lettuce for virtually calorie free.

Egg Whites:  Instead of whole eggs, I use egg whites for my omelets in the evening.  Substitute 2 egg whites for 1 whole egg in many recipes.

Kale Chips:  I hope you have two ovens because you will love these instead of chips!

Greek Yogurt:  We never buy sour cream, but I ALWAYS have Greek yogurt on hand.  I also substitute Greek yogurt for mayo.

Zucchini: My grocery store cuts squash into ribbons providing another substitution for pasta.

Spinach: While iceberg lettuce is virtually calorie free, it is mostly water.  I like spinach and kale for salads as well as cooking for more nutrition.

I am sure some of you have your favorites.  I would love to hear from you so please feel free to share!

Resources: For more ideas check out 83 Healthy Substitutions by Kate Morin