Monday, January 4, 2016


This is the time of year that some start to think about New Year's resolutions or goal setting.  Usually this train of thought is centered around weight loss.  Having an idea or a marker to know if one is making progress is a good thing, but goals need not be centered about the traditional number on the scale. One friend who happens to be a trainer shared with me that one of her clients suffers with a chronic illness.  In their initial interview the trainer was thinking in the back of her mind "what are we going to use for a goal for success"? When the client commented that many days it is just hard for her to put forth the effort to walk in the door.  Bingo!  That became the marker for success.  Not what she did when she was there or how many pounds she lost, but how many of her appointments she could actually keep.  As you think about what you want to accomplish, be realistic. If your goal is weight loss forget about the number of pounds you want to lose, but rather focus on putting yourself in a better place for losing weight. Don't make yourself miserable just to crash and burn. I have found more than once focusing on the journey gets us safely to the destination.