Wednesday, March 9, 2016


In an effort to clean away some of the papers that accumulate on my work space, I found a magazine already turned to a series of important questions about diet and exercise.  They are not questions that I can answer except for myself, but questions to be considered especially if health sounds like something that taste bad and fitness is not forthcoming. 

#1.  What are the most important reasons for you to get fit and healthier?
Before you might brush if off with the typical "well I could stand to lose a few pounds", think about what you would gain if you did lose a few pounds.  There might be clothes hanging in your closet that you could wear, but go a little deeper and force yourself to really answer the question.  Make a list appropriate for sticking to the frig of all the good things that would happen.  Then answer the questions...

#2. What is so good about that and it is worth the effort of a change? 

#3.  What in life do you really enjoy doing and would being fit and healthy make a difference?

We all live our own scenario of too much to do, too tired, maybe too lazy, but really looking at the answers might just motivate some lifestyle changes.

Resource: ACSM'S Certified News, Fourth Quarter, 2015, Coaching Clients With Mild Chronic Conditions by Erika Jackson, MA, MCC and Margaret Moore, MBA