Wednesday, April 27, 2016


According to the website of  "Psychology Today", mindfulness is defined as "a state of active, open attention on the present....Instead of letting life pass by mindfulness means living in the moment and awaking to experience".  In the world of fitness we hear the term often with Yoga and Pilates.  Sometimes we eat in such a hurry and later realize we never tasted the food.  Not exactly living in the moment.

Sarah Zehab in her presentation, "Posture Improvement Workshop" brings mindfulness to the solution. There are a lot of issues with postural improvement.  One is muscle strength so the body has the tools to stand up.  Another is flexibility through the chest to pull the shoulders back instead of the chest and shoulders pulling everything forward.  Sarah adds that simply being aware, mindfulness, can also be helpful.  She suggests that we have trigger times set during the day that we are mindful of improving posture such as the 2 minutes it takes to brush our teeth.   For 4 minutes a day we have perfect posture.  It has also been suggested to purposely set the rear view mirror in the car a tad high so that sitting straight is necessary. Remember though safety first.  It's not much. A tad high is less than a bit high.  Mindfulness.  Keep it in mind.