Monday, November 23, 2009

Eating Clean

"The Eat-Clean Diet" is certainly not a diet book in the traditional sense. In fact, our daughter, Marie, told me about this book and she certainly doesn't need to be on a diet. However, she is very health-conscious so I knew any book she found helpful had to be just that. "The Eat-Clean Diet" by Tosca Reno is all about cleaning up your diet to get the most from the calories you eat. In the process, if you need to lose a few pounds, that might happen as well.

One of Tosca's principles of clean-eating is to carry (in a small cooler if need be) the right foods to eat through the day. I know some of us already carry lunch to work most days of the week. Having the right food on hand 2-3 hours later is part of that. If not, when hunger strikes, most people will likely head for the convenience store and whatever processed sugar-filled food is available. Don't let that happen. Plan ahead! Remember going to the gym right after work is a much better idea than going home, changing and then going to the gym. Walking in the door at home brings another opportunity to decide again about a workout. I have told clients through the years to leave their workout clothes on the front seat of the car along with the right food. No need to take a hungry body to the elliptical or treadmill and expect any performance except mediocre. Be prepared!