Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Get Your Mind Around It!

A couple of years ago as an instructor in a health club in San Angelo, I heard a trainer say to her client, "We are doing three sets of lunges and I'm just telling you this so you can get your mind around it". Today that lesson was brought home again. I listened to a member talk about frustration from having instructors count down the number of reps in a set and then, getting close to the end, add on to it. Some instructors think it's cute, some members do as well, but this member did not. What she made clear is that in knowing what is expected, "she can get her mind around it". The cute stuff had no appeal to her. For a lot of people, exercise can be a struggle. It's especially for those who are just starting.

I've worked for years in health clubs and I can tell you health clubs love January. It brings an opportunity to enlist a lot of new people that are ready for a change. I can also tell you that while I have seen Januaries where I parked in a distant space, it starts to thin out by spring. Some of the newer members stop coming to workout. What they failed to realize in the beginning is that fitness, even in the best of circumstances, (training with me, for instance) is a struggle. It's important to start day one with an attitude to "get your mind around it".