Monday, May 3, 2010

A Voice From the Past

As I scrolled through my online newsletter from ACE last week, there it was again-one of the FAQ concerning fitness. Actually my thoughts immediately drifted back to a time several years ago when I worked for Spectrum Athletic Clubs. Spectrum provided bi-monthly or quarterly workshops for new employees. I was usually asked to come and talk about the Group Exercise Department. Keeping them awake was my biggest task and chocolate was somewhere on the table. It was during one of those presentations that a new employee asked me "the question". The answer was not to her satisfaction and she asked again and again. My response was the same. Finally one of the managers interrupted to support my response and asked that we move on.

The Question? What is the best form of cardio exercise? The answer? It is the one you will do. You see, if you hate to walk on the treadmill, chances are you won't do it very long or at an intensity that makes a difference. However, if you like to dance, put on some music (somewhat fast), turn up the volume and dance and you have a great cardio workout. You might even find yourself going back for more!