Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My brother, Bill, is a United Methodist minister in South Georgia. Actually, today he will become a retired United Methodist minister. At the end of the week, he and his wife will be moving to their farm outside of Portal, GA. While they are most likely buried under cardboard boxes and exhausted at this time, I am sure the level of excitement is high.

It is interesting how the relationship with my brother has changed through the years. Only in the past few years have we enjoyed frequent conversations staying more up to date with each others lives and families. He is the one who inspired me to blog partially because I enjoyed reading his so much. It has allowed me to get to know him even better. As my blog is all about creating a healthy lifestyle, his is committed to sharing his spiritual journey. I believe in doing so others have been inspired to consider their own.

Personal training brings so many opportunities for conversation outside of fitness and one of the topics that comes up from time to time is sharing inspirational resources. So today I offer you my brothers blog because wherever you are in life's journey, we are all in this journey together. You can find his blog,JouneyNotes,at