Saturday, October 9, 2010

an apple a day

If you like to eat and you really want to eat the right food, you might check out "An Apple a Day" by Joe Schwarcz, PhD. It’s all about the foods we eat every day, studies that have been done and the bottom line on what’s true and what’s not. It's well written such that all of us can get involved and not try too hard to figure out what he is saying. He's not into analyzing every bite eaten. He accepts the fact that an occasional indulgence is okay. One greasy hamburger won’t kill you, but a lifetime of them might lead you down that path a little quicker than you want. The basic message leads to the importance of eating a variety of foods and “don’t overeat”! It’s worth a trip to the library. I will keep this one as a reference. And disagreeing with the author is okay. You might fine yourself doing your own bit of research.