Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Strawberries and Spinach

I know for some of the you, the death of any well thought out meal plan goes out the window the minute the key turns in the lock and you are home from work. There may be all kinds of snacks in the frig, but when starvation hits, there is nothing to do but eat everything in sight. I found this recipe playing around on line for a protein shake. I have changed a couple of things and you might as well. One recipe makes 2 large glasses. David and I share it. We love it and are satisfied. I am not giving any nutritional information because it will vary slightly with the protein powder and the liquid that you use. Try it!

1 cup of low calorie juice or you might like to use water
1 scoop of low Glycemic Protein Powder (mine is chocolate flavored)
½ tbsp Flax Seed Oil
1 cup of spinach (I use fresh)
1 cup of frozen berries (I use strawberries)
I add other things to mine boosting my nutrition somewhat, but it’s best if you make that decision for yourself. Pour the liquid in first and blend everything. If you use fresh berries, you might use frozen spinach. The combination of strawberries and spinach sounds awful. It is delicious!