Sunday, December 5, 2010


For whatever reason stress seems to be a major factor that most of us deal with sometimes on a daily basis. I have been so aware through the years of training (as well as my own life) of the role exercise plays in stress management. On a number of occasions I have met a stressed out client at the gym only to be told an hour later “I feel so much better”. The challenge comes with getting to the workout when the stress of work or personal life weighs heavily. At the time the answer might seem to be to just go home and sit in a comfortable chair. Food is usually involved. The next time you find life has dealt you more than you want to handle, force yourself to exercise. Thirty minutes may find you feeling better. At that point you can probably cope with the stress a lot better. The holidays are here and very soon I will be posting my five best tips for surviving the holidays gracefully. Exercise will be involved, but the workout might surprise you. Stay tuned!