Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tip #1

I promised you my five best tips for surviving the holidays gracefully. Today I offer tip #1 although it is not the most important of the five.
Several years ago I gave some of my personal training clients a holiday express workout. As it turns out, they really liked it and pulled it out during the year when they were short on time. Given the fact that we do find ourselves with a to-do list that is a little longer than usual, there is the temptation to let exercise go out the window. So I am offering you my Express Holiday Workout 2010. It consist of 5 exercises that you can do after your warm-up to maintain your strength level when you are short on time.

#1 Push-ups (against the wall, on your knees or on your toes)
#2. Squats
#3. Bent over row (or lat pull down)
#4. Table top (up to 1M and rest when you need to)
#5. Seated narrow row (with a tube or a machine)
Do multiple sets always focusing on form.

This is not to replace your workout until January 1! It is just for those days when you have a party to go to or shopping to complete. I don't want you to find the New Year WEAK!
Tip #2 is the most important one of all. Stay tuned!