Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hidden Fat

At first one might think I am referring to the fat underneath an oversized shirt or baggy jeans, but such is not the case. The fat accumulated right underneath the skin is the most visible and maybe a little disgusting, but the fat that really affects us is the visceral fat that surrounds vital organs. Picture your liver on fat or maybe fat on your liver. It could lead you in the direction of high blood pressure, diabetes or a fatty liver disease. A five year study at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina studied 1114 people and found that for every daily intake of 10 grams of soluble fiber, visceral fat declined 3.7% over 5 years. 10 grams is not hard to get. Read your labels and nutritional information and you’ll have no problem being a 10.

Source: IDEA Health and Fitness Journal September 2011