Monday, October 31, 2011

End of The Month

A few weeks ago our financial advisor shared an article from the Wall Street Journal, The Mistakes We Make and Why We make Them. While the article referred to financial investment mistakes, I could not help but think about mistakes in
terms of fitness.

The quote from the article that I liked the most was, “Why did we think and feel and behave as we did? Why did we act in a way that today, in hindsight, seems so obviously stupid?"  Trying to loss the same 6 or 7 pounds or rebuild strength once again never allows us the enjoy the feeling of fitness. I once read that as a woman moves into her 50s, she needs to be in a maintenance program. It is so hard to be in maintenance still striving to hit a goal. Is it time to bite the bullet, do the work, and leave the obviously stupid behind?

Source: The Wall Street Journal August 2009