Sunday, November 27, 2011


A recent article in the San Antonio Express -News revealed a few facts about cancer that most of us don’t know. Anna Stewart is a financial counselor for the Cancer Therapy and Research Center. The first shock for any patient is hearing the diagnosis of cancer. Ms Stewart reports the second shock is upon finding out how much the treatment for the disease will cost. We are always prepared to pay the $30.00 or so co-pay with any doctor's visit and something similar with a prescription. However, even with private insurance and Medicare, the out of pocket expense can run into the thousands of dollars in the first year. For some cancers such as breast cancer she reports upward of $20,000.00 out of pocket expense. Lung and colon cancer is even more. There are no guarantees to guard against cancer, but we can lower our risk. Eating a healthy diet and exercise is a good start!

Resource: San Antonio Express-News November 6, 2011