Friday, December 23, 2011

#9. Singles anyone?

It is true that additional calories are burned after a workout. It may be 50 or may be more. If your goal is to be trimmer, resist the temptation to turn around and add back in the calories you burned in a workout. Ms. Sass says that an hour of singles tennis can eat up about 500 calories depending on a person's weight and a few other variables. If you eat an additional 500 calories on game day, you are even. She does recommend having a healthy snack before and after adding in some of what you spent. Some non-fat Greek yogurt would be nice.

My comment: I think we all might be burning less calories even in a workout than we think. There are a lot of variables to consider. I wear a heart rate monitor that estimates the number of calories used during a workout. While I may not think it is accurate, I know if I am working to my potential.

#8. Organic

There are advantages to going organic. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for us. Ms. Sass says that organic foods have more antioxidants which do a lot for us and may make us leaner. A recent study at the University of Florida leads us to believe that people who consume more antioxidants are on the leaner side with lower BMIs and smaller waistlines. Research also shows that pesticide residues on tradionally grown foods might be a reason for our problems with obesity.

My comment: I buy organic when I can. I can’t afford everything organic, but for foods like apples and kale, it is worth the price.