Monday, November 19, 2012


TRX is one of the latest trends in fitness. It is not a fad because it is not going away, but a trend.
Even if you have not used TRX, you most likely have seen it in the local gym.  Former Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick, developed the TRX system out of a need to keep himself and his team stay in shape on missions. It is a system of ropes and webbing and the resistance is body weight. You can use it almost anywhere. Take it to the gym, attach it to a door and use it at home or a hotel or anchor it to a tree and workout outside. However, I hear that flight attendants will not allow it to be anchored to the ceiling of an aircraft!  I have a TRX that I use for myself  and my at-home clients. Walter Thompson from the Georgia State University has reviewed the instructional videos and appreciates the benefits and the risks. The stress to the wrist, shoulders, and ankles can be spots for possible injuries. Lacking sufficient core strength and stability is the problem that I have seen most often as muscles start to fatigue and the back starts to get involved. It is a great system!  However, those new to exercise will do well to get some basics under the belt and develop core strength before taking on TRX.  Learn to walk before running!

Source:Nick Burns "Suspension Training: How Risky Is It? New York Times