Monday, June 10, 2013

Questions and Answers

Trina Grey wrote an article for IDEA "FitTips" about motivating people in the corporate world to exercise and adopt a healthy diet. She throws out a few hard questions to get to the heart of the matter. 

#1.  Is your annual physical exam a few months past due?
#2.  Do you take medication you could and would like to live without?
#3.  Do you fall into your chair without energy at the end of the day?
#4.  Are you less fit than you were 6 months ago?  What about 1 year ago?

The fact is that if you answered yes to these four questions, you most likely need to get started on the road to good health.  Read on for questions from me not Trina.

#5.  Have you read articles like "Tone your Belly and Thighs in 10 minutes a day"?
#6.  Do you think you can tone your belly in 10 minutes a day? 

If you answered yes to questions #5 and 6, you might need a group to work with or a maybe even a trainer.  If you answered no, you most likely know that fitness is not a "flash in the pan" experience, but one that comes with a commitment. Stay on track!!