Monday, August 12, 2013


I hope you get the newsletter from the American Heart Association, Live Healthy.  This month the emphasis is on high blood pressure and excessive sodium.  Here are a few facts the AHA shared.
High blood pressure is the leading risk factor for death for women in the US contributing to almost  200,000 deaths a year. About 77.9 million people or 1 in 3 Americans have HBP.  The average person in this country takes in 3400mg of sodium daily.  Do you know what the recommendation is?  Less than 1500mg. Excessive sodium puts one at risk for several serious health issues.  Stroke is at the top of the list. If you are not reading your food labels, be sure to check out what you are really getting.  I quizzed my old older adults about sodium levels in food a few weeks ago and they were surprised to find that bread is  an important source not to overlook. Just to stay on the safe side, the next time you are shopping at your local pharmacy, check your blood pressure!