Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Green Beens

You are familiar with the popular green bean casserole that is part of every traditional Thanksgiving feast.  You know the one with the can of green beans mixed up with a can of cream of chicken or mushroom soup and topped with the lovely canned French Onion Rings. Rick Bayless, chef/restaurant owner, talks about this recipe marking the end of an era of scratch cooking. It is kind of like the Dump Cake. The Dump Cake takes no skill and only involves dumping the required ingredients in the right order before baking. I might just remind you that the first ingredient is a stick of butter melted in the bottom of the dish. Ouch! An hour later you have a delicious easy to make cake ready to eat. The green bean casserole only involves opening 3 cans and dumping them in a casserole.  I know that because I have made this delightful casserole not only at thanksgiving, but for many church covered-dishes. Bayless defines the green bean casserole as an "easy-to-prepare" dish.  After all, there are three cans to open and you're there. Really though, I know fast and easy green beans.  We had them last Thanksgiving at my daughter's house.  (A friend cooked.) Buy a package of fresh green beans, rinse, put them in a covered skillet with a bit of olive oil.  Cook them over medium heat until tender. That's fast and easy and delicious!

Resource: Bending American Food Culture by Sandy Todd Webster  IDEA Fitness Journal September 2013