Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Chance

The latest issue of a magazine arrived a few days ago with a note attached "Last Chance".  The last chance is my opportunity to re-subscribe before my subscription ends and I am left in the dark without monthly advice and motivation. Interestingly enough, in the world of health and fitness there are no last chances for the huge majority of us. One can always make the decision to change.

I work with clients up to age 95. Believe me they expect to be here a while longer and for them the decision to work toward health is worthwhile.  Dean Ornish in "The Spectrum" (remember the last post) suggests that we think about the work it takes to achieve fitness from the standpoint of the joy we gain from feeling good.  He writes that we can also focus on the dread of illness or fear of death, but those are not lasting motivations. Why would one want to focus on dread or fear instead of joy? If you haven't experienced the joy that comes from taking care of yourself, give it some thought. This might be the year for you!