Monday, January 20, 2014

One Word

I subscribe to several newsletters/blogs.  Most of them are about health and fitness and a couple of them are about scrapbooking which is my current hobby.  I am about to dive into scrapbooking again as I make Novi and Dee's wedding album. 

I like Andrea Waldorf's blog "The Art Of Simple".  On her blog this morning she spent some time reflecting about the past year and her hopes for 2014.  She is careful as I am to stay away from the term New Years Resolution which is the kiss of death of any good idea.  Instead, Andrea is borrowing an idea from another blogger, Ali Edwards, of choosing just one word to guide her through the coming year.  Ali's word is "distraction".  She needs less.  Andrea's word is "perseverance".  To quote Ali about choosing one word, "You live with it.  You invite it into your life".  I know some of you are struggling with a spectrum of issues, not just trying to lose a few pounds from too many sweets during the holidays.  It might be that you can find a word to live with that will guide you through the year.