Monday, January 27, 2014


Pulling. It is important in balancing the body.  It is important from the standpoint of strength such as the front side of the body versus the back side It is important for posture.  As I have written, a strong back makes it easier to stand up straight.  If the back muscles are weak, the stronger muscles in the chest are going to pull the body forward and create balance problems meaning being able to balance ones body weight. So be sure to add rowing and pulling to your workout. You can row and pull with cable cross equipment, seated machines or body weight training.  Matter of fact, body weight training is #2 on exercise trends for 2014 according to ASCM.  The TRX, which is body weight training, is my favorite way to do rows.  Brian Schiff writes that suspension rows done properly incorporate core strength to maintain the correct position in an anti-gravity position. You get a lot of bang for your buck.  If you workout at a gym with TRX, ask for some help and learn how to use it. Don't try it out just after watching someone else. You can gradually increase your strength by changing your position.  No need to kill yourself here. Strength comes with time.

Source: PFP Media Functionally Fit: Suspension Rows by Brian Schiff