Saturday, July 5, 2014

AMT Interval Training

My Saturday morning usually starts with a step interval class at the  24/7 Club.  Since this is July 4th weekend, all classes were canceled. Like some of you, I was on my own. The rest of you were sleeping in or still celebrating.  No judgment!! It is the July 4th weekend. Today I did my workout on the AMT which is similar to an elliptical.  I do heart rate training.  By using the heart rate monitor on the machine, I was able to determine my intensity on the cardio mixing in my intervals. The following was my workout this morning.

Warm up: level 3-7m
Workout: level 6 10m

1st interval:
lateral lifts: 12X
weighted squats: 8X
front raises: 12X
AMT: 1m increasing the resistance
repeat the interval

ATM: level 6-5m

2nd interval
Bicep curls: 12X 
lunges: alternating R/L
Triceps overhead: 8X
AMT: 1m increasing the resistance
repeat the interval

AMT: 5M level 6

3rd interval
single arm overhead press: 8X
walking lunges
upright row: 12X
AMT: 1m added resistance

Cool down

If I had more time I could have completed my workout with additional weight work.  I'll do that later.
Some of you use only the Elliptical for cardio workouts and I know you get bored.  Change it up a little. Plan ahead and have some weights close.  For me, this was a great cardio interval workout.