Thursday, July 31, 2014

Food Sources and Calcium

We know there are 2 ways to get the calcium the body needs. One is through supplements.  Sometimes that might seem like the easier way to go.  Pop a pill.  The other is through foods we eat. Have a talk with your doctor to determine your daily need.  At that point pay attention to the amount you get by way of foods simply by reading the food labels.  Milk and milk sources are good sources of calcium, but there are others as well. Without milk products, it is a real challenge to get the amount of calcium needed daily through food. As you read the food label, look for three facts. 1. Note the serving size. 2. Look at the % Daily Value. 3  Drop the % sign and add a zero to get the milligrams of calcium for one serving.  You will see from the label for Greek Yogurt above the serving size is 1 cup.  The percentage DV is 25%. 3. By dropping the % sign and adding a zero, I known my yogurt has 250mg per serving. That is not quite the same thing as 25% of my daily need.

Resource: The BEST Exercise Program for Osteoporosis Prevention
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