Friday, August 8, 2014

Calcium Absorption

Most people probably know how much calcium is needed daily. If not, you have something else to discuss with your doctor during your next 15 minute appointment. You know as well that there are two ways to get it: food and supplements.  Just let me bring to your attention that taking 500mg of calcium  twice daily doesn't mean 1000mg is absorbed. While you may really be into eating greens as in spinach and broccoli, the same applies. Just because it's going over the lips and through the gums doesn't mean it's getting to the blood.  A 93 year old lady told me a few years ago that the calcium in spinach binds with oxalate and is pretty useless. Broccoli has more calcium than spinach, but you will need a lot of it.  Do a little research to find out what you need. Here is another point to brighten the day. As we get older, our ability to absorb calcium as well as other things diminishes.  We are all getting older and that is something to celebrate.