Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fall Prevention

Falling is not a pretty picture. There are steps to take to avoid falling like throwing away the throw rugs or using area rugs with non-skip backing.  Adequate lighting in and out of the home is important. Wearing shoes inside as well as outside gives a more secure footing.  Don't run around with socks. Walking barefoot on a wet floor is a quick way to end up on the floor! Oh, and watch out for the cat or dog.  Chloe loves to get between my feet.

Additionally, fitness plays a large part. If the muscles in the legs are strong, they have a better chance of keeping us upright. Ankle strength and ankle mobility are important components as well.
Many of us do squats and lunges for leg strength or use the seated leg press.  Step-ups are a great practical way to build leg strength. All of my clients do step-ups at some level. I did them this morning.  It is also important to do some exercises like standing up on your toes, ankle rotations, and toe taps to keep the ankle and lower leg strong. The latter can be done while watching TV.  Don't wait until you feel unsure of yourself or until you notice a change in your gait to try some of these suggestions. Neglecting all of the above though will bring about a change in your gait.  I know I have written about this previously. It always hurts when I hear of someone falling and think maybe it could have been avoided.   Keep the bad things at bay and the good ones close at hand.