Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Finding Your Ideal Body Weight

If you know your ideal weight, good for you!  If you don't, Dr. Richard Furman recommends one easy way to calculate such. 1. Stand in front of a mirror and turn to the side. 2. Turn your head so you can see your profile. If you like what you see you are at your ideal weight.  Pretty easy, huh? You can also go to and calculate your BMI, body mass index. You only need to know 2 facts, your height and waist measure. BMI can be a determining factor about body fat percentage. Where is that tape measure?  Dr. Furman also has a website, and a great book, Prescription For Life, that I find interesting. While you are checking out Dr. Furman's website, take the health IQ quiz. I will even give a clue for one of the answers. He is not a big fan of cheese.