Wednesday, March 4, 2015


One of the most dangerous times for anyone with a weight loss goal is the time between the end of the work day and bedtime. Walking in the door for some triggers the start of a continuous meal. It continues right into dinner and even after dinner settling down in front of the TV. Several times I have suggested to my clients that the time between dinner and bedtime is a good time to pursue a hobby. By definition, a Hobby is a regular activity that is done for pleasure; typically during one's leisure time. Participation in a sport is a hobby although for some sleep might be difficult after a game of basketball or tennis. I need to do things in the evening to help me "wind down". I have at least three friends that make jewelry. A couple of my friends work on puzzles. One lady makes cards, beautiful cards. I do scrapbooks and read a lot in the evening. The benefits of all of these hobbies and many others are that it is hard to do them and eat. Stringing beads is hard with messy hands and who wants food stains on scrapbook pages? 

Resource: Wikipedia