Monday, April 20, 2015

Clean Eating

It is a term that I hear quite often now more than ever. For me, it means eating real food "as close to the way God intended it as possible". So I eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of the ones that have things added to them. With the farmer's markets starting to pop up, it gets a little easier. Soon I will have fresh tomatoes and okra from a farm in Fredericksburg. While we all love the convenience of foods coming to us in packages, it is important to read the labels.  Just because it says "low-fat" or "no trans fat" on the label doesn't mean we should toss it in the basket. If I can't pronounce the list of ingredients, chances are I should leave it in the store. It takes some planning ahead and a little effort like cooking. It really isn't that hard. I most always have vegetable soup in the freezer. No calling out for pizza if I'm tired at the end of the day!  If you are not into clean eating but would like to be, start with one or two ideas. You might tackle your snack options. My mid-morning snack is a few natural almonds and most afternoons a banana.  It's not a weight loss plan, but it could be.  Food is medicine. More on this later.