Monday, April 13, 2015

Side Steps

After working in  gyms for years, I can tell you that two of the most popular machines with women are adduction/abduction machines.  They are always thought to work inner and outer thigh and they do.  I have seen women on either one of them doing maybe 100 reps or more.  One lady actually stayed on the machine with a book in hand reading as she worked.  Okay, that's not necessary for results or even desirable.  Several years ago I started accomplishing the same exercise with bands doing side steps; an exercise that I use with everybody.  I can regress the exercise with a lighter band  or no band at all.  I can increase the intensity by increasing the resistance of the band.  Place a band around the legs above the ankles, start with the feet shoulder width apart, stand in a slight squat or straight leg position (knees soft)  take 4-6 steps to the right and the same back. Keep your toes pointed forward and remember the movement is lateral; side to side. No up and down please. I also use this exercise in my water exercise class. In addition to increasing leg strength, it also challenges balance. It can be a great addition to your workout.