Thursday, April 9, 2015

Weight Loss Programs
I saw this link reporting on weight loss programs mentioned on my daughter, Marie's, Facebook page with the question "what do you think?". Research from John Hopkins University laid the groundwork for this article.  Take a few minutes and click above.  The research included programs like Weight Watcher's, Jenny Craig, OPTIFAST, Atkins, and others.  I can't tell you of anyone I know personally who was successful on a weight loss program without the weight returning. Jenny Craig teaches portion control. Other programs have good points as well.  I quite often tell those that are concerned about weight that any successful weight loss needs to be a lifestyle plan. If it not sustainable, it's eventually taking you back to where you were. Heartbreaking!   Can you do a weight loss program for the rest of your life?  Would you want to? However, if weight is a problem why not take some time and develop your own winning solution through clean eating?  You may need a coach.  Dan Agresti used a quote in a presentation recently that has been around so much in our industry that no one quite remembers where it started. It certainly applies today. "Everyone is entitled to an opinion but no one is entitled to be ignorant of the facts."  Learning the facts about healthy eating can change a lot of things about your life.

Dan Agresti, MS IDEA author/presenter The True Co$t of Weight Lo$$, IDEA Fitness